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q&a with our owner amanda chando: celebrating women's entrepreneurship day - Details and Design

q&a with our owner amanda chando: celebrating women's entrepreneurship day

curious about what a day in the life of our owner and principal designer really looks?? with women's entrepreneurship day coming up on november 19th, we thought it was the perfect opportunity for a vogue living inspired q + a sesh to give you a glimpse into her life as an entrepreneur. as a mom of 3 juggling growing a business, we can promise you there’s never a dull moment!

ps-you can watch the video interview with amanda here! (spoiler alert—this girl never, ever sits still!)

1. what does a typical day look like for you?

"i go to bed very late, and send emails out until 12 am. around 6 is when i get up, it's complete mayhem at the house with laundry, packing lunches, and getting the kids ready for school. it feels like a marathon before 7 am. kids leave at 7, i attempt to decompress (but i don’t) until 8 then hop on multiple phone calls until leave to go to the office"

2. how did you end up in interior design?

"i thought i wanted to be in fashion design, working 90 hours a week and i realized i needed to start my own business. before doing so i got into sales, and learned everything i could before launching my own interior design business. as i started to learn more about the business side i was able to quickly turn that passion for interiors and relate to the same passion i had for fashion earlier in my career."

3. how did you start your business, what did the beginnings look like?

"i found out i was pregnant, and i had a really good job and decided to not to go back so i could start my own business, because there was no better time. while i was pregnant i started the business and when i had the baby i truly launched the business. it was crazy 9 months of figuring out all the ins and out of business logistics. as soon as i had my first child i began casually designing houses as a hobby... and here we are. "

4. what advice would you give to starting entrepreneurs?

"i think the biggest thing is knowing that once you start a business it takes a long time. it is really hard work and you can start a business and it could do well, but if you want your business to be exceptional then that is a whole different ball game. while there's nothing harder than being an entrepreneur there's also nothing more rewarding. it's definitely not for everyone and the grass is always greener, but i encourage everyone to at least try."

5. what do you enjoy most about entrepreneurship and what do you find the hardest?

"i think the best part was when i felt it was really hard to work for other people when i had no voice. now having a small business i listen to the people around me and i want to make them happy but at the same time that is also a challenge in itself"

6. describe yourself in 3 words?"

a little intense and that's fine. definitely ocd, also fine. however, i also think i am very fun. i think there's a time where you work hard you also play hard, but together they are one in the same"

women’s entrepreneurship day can be observed every day as we celebrate, empower, and support the millions of women in business. you can learn more about women’s entrepreneurship day and continue your support here.

ready to work with amanda? fill out our residential or commercial design inquiry today.

cheers to all the kick ass women out there!

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